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National Library of Belarus

It was the 1st large-scale project with spider glazing system in the country. In the absence of Belarusian standards and technical support for this type of glazing on the republican level, our engineers conducted the unique analysis based on the EN and British standards, and created basis for the following similar construction projects in the country.


Since 2004, ITL Engineering team designed and passed all negotiations of Belarus National Library project. At that time, the whole team was integrated into the BIAL Group.


  • Year: 2004 - 2006
  • Location: Minsk, Belarus
  • Facade area: 20,000 sqm
  • Architect: I. Vinogradov, V. Kramarenko


A very complex three-dimensional structure of the building (rombokubooktaedr) and the requirements of the architects (of the ideal form), as well as responsibility for object - as a symbol of the country, coupled with the reduction of standard construction period almost in half - created an additional burden on all participants of the construction process. Significant excessive deviations of the concrete body geometric shape also added to the difficulty of our task.

For this, the unique measurements of the building were carried out by our team, with the creation of our own network of reference points and transfer of additional points on all 26 planes of depository. It was an unprecedented work in our country in terms of scale, accuracy and speed.

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Library 900x717 3


Library 800x500 3D

To perform the glass installation task of volumetric figure, situated in three planes, non-installation measurements "in place", and given that the revision of the size of the glasses is not possible, our engineers has created a three-dimensional model of the building, through which solved the problem of binding to a real concrete base, installation of support metal structures and hanging glass elements.

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Complete Facade Design

ITL Engineering design team provides a comprehensive range of faсade design services, including design concept elaboration, 3D modelling, structural analysis of the main structure, detailed shop drawings preparation, cost analysis and preliminary materials estimate.

PM 300x300

Project Management

Our specialists work in line with the PMI standards and offer following PM service

  • Project planning
  • Project administration
  • Logistics
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
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Facade Consulting

The facade consulting team of ITL Engineering can perform different roles depending on the project specific requirements.

  • Design
  • Budgeting
  • Control

The scope of services we provide can be made up to suit our clients needs within our resources and capacities.

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Facade Сonsulting
National Library

National Library

Project management


Facade Design
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Business Bay Hotel

Project management
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"CROCUS-1" Tower

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"SKOLKOVO" Technopark

Facade Design
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"Al Shaqab" Equestrian Center

Facade Сonsulting
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ITL Engineering is a façade engineering, consulting and project management company embracing integrated and holistic approach to the building envelopes.

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ITL Engineering specialists have more than 30 years experience in the sphere of design, production and construction of unique compkicated façade structures. Acting as designers and consultants on projects around the world, we are constantly improving our knowledge in the field of engineering solutions, management and economics of facades.

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Mission of ITL Engineering – providing extended range of services in design, fabrication and installation of complicated façade and interior structures at the highest professional level, at the same time participating in design of main infrastructural systems that are affected by building envelope.

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In our everyday activities we are aiming at the highest quality standards for design and engineering services rendered by the world’s leading companies by constantly retrofitting and upgrading our facilities, implementing new software products and processes, by continuously improving the skills and qualifications of our employees, by rendering world-class standard engineering services while using state-of -the-art information technologies.


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  • integrated management

    in investment and construction activity

    The professional team of the Project Management and Technical Supervision Department
    will turn into reality any investment ideas, while guaranteeing a top level of responsibility for the eventual deliverables.
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    industrial and civil

    The Design Engineering Department specializes on development of design and estimate documentation
    for construction, reconstruction and refurbishment of primarily food industry projects.
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    Our specialists offer extended range of services in the sphere of searching and realization
    of innovative solutions in different segments of construction industry including production, technologies, materials etc
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