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"Leader" Tower

The project was intended to be (and still is) the tallest tower of the Russian "Nothern capital city". As far as the city could boast only by a few high-rises at that time, almost all the requirements and codes applied to this project were non-standard and in many cases prepared with active participation of our team. Thus, we took part in a wind tunnel test and interpretation of its results. This job was done at facilities of a military R&D center whose previous specialization was a design the hulls of submarines


Complete design works for the high-rise unitized facades of 42 floors, project solution based on Wicona WicTec 50EL system. Integration of media-façade (LED) into the façade system.


  • Year: 2011 - 2012
  • Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Facade area: 18,000 sqm
  • Architect: Remark Architects


To comply with the project requirements (and primarily for the seamless integration of the media-façade) our Team modified a typical unitized system of Wicona (19 system profiles out of 21). As a result of this work almost 40 tons of aluminium were saved, bringing significant benefits to the Client.

When the key activities on the main façade were close to completion as per Client's requirements we have designed a still bearing construction and façade system for the Sky-restaurant located on the very top of the building. Curtain walls of the restaurant are equipped by specially elaborated automated panoramic windows.

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Almost 285.000 of RGB LED-emitters were used for the media façade. Due to optimal density of the media elements final cost of the facade was not excessive.