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National Library of Belarus

It was the 1st large-scale project with spider glazing system in the country. In the absence of Belarusian standards and technical support for this type of glazing on the republican level, our engineers conducted the unique analysis based on the EN and British standards, and created basis for the following similar construction projects in the country.


Since 2004, ITL Engineering team designed and passed all negotiations of Belarus National Library project. At that time, the whole team was integrated into the BIAL Group.


  • Year: 2004 - 2006
  • Location: Minsk, Belarus
  • Facade area: 20,000 sqm
  • Architect: I. Vinogradov, V. Kramarenko


A very complex three-dimensional structure of the building (rombokubooktaedr) and the requirements of the architects (of the ideal form), as well as responsibility for object - as a symbol of the country, coupled with the reduction of standard construction period almost in half - created an additional burden on all participants of the construction process. Significant excessive deviations of the concrete body geometric shape also added to the difficulty of our task.

For this, the unique measurements of the building were carried out by our team, with the creation of our own network of reference points and transfer of additional points on all 26 planes of depository. It was an unprecedented work in our country in terms of scale, accuracy and speed.

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Library 800x500 3D

To perform the glass installation task of volumetric figure, situated in three planes, non-installation measurements "in place", and given that the revision of the size of the glasses is not possible, our engineers has created a three-dimensional model of the building, through which solved the problem of binding to a real concrete base, installation of support metal structures and hanging glass elements.

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Business Bay Hotel Dubai

The project is located in the center of business disctrict called "Business Bay" in Dubai.


Complete design of unitized facade, special projects solution based on Alcoa/Kawneer systems.

Facade realization project management.


  • Year: 2006 - 2008
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Facade area: 40,000 sqm
  • Architect: DAR, Planquadrat


We have entered the scene when the project was awarded to our Client and his former partner refused to proceed (due to short terms and high complexity of the project). We have instantly took over the project (both design and PM agreements), created a project office, prepared and implemented several tenders, chosen extrusion, IGU, manufacturing and installation companies, made all the drawings and calculations (including the unitized system modification) and finished the project having got a decent profit for the Client.

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BBH 800x500 590х500


Iguana 900x629

"Iguana" mansard at Residential Building, Moscow, Russia

Our role: complete design of 3D transparent facades (combination of standard, structural and point-fixing glazing), project management


  • Year: 2010-2011
  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Facade area: 150 sqm
  • Architect: AB "Rozhdestvenka"